Into Temptation: A Street View Hudson Promenade

Hudson runner
Ah! Nothing so relaxing as watching somebody else work.
Take a break! Work and play in the virtual world taxes the mind. While consulting Google Street View for the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection - 1885, I became distracted and went on a long detour. The shots below are derived from Google Street View along NYC's Hudson River Park. Click the captions to see the original Street View images. Click the photos to enlarge. Allow me to lead you into temptation!

...if you've got the right hat...
a moment of relaxation between squirrels...
(Don't see any? Neither does the dog for the time being.)
Lil Red
(From YouTube & Wolfe Hight)

The next video should make you a fan of virtual travel if you aren't already!

"How to get to the Little Red Lighthouse"
With a tip o' my hat to YouTube and Crazeenydriver

traces of a season
home stretch

YouTube has quite the collection of Hudson River Park Videos. The success of Hudson River Park is due to the hard work of an enthusiastic band of private citizens who could use your assistance. Donations are welcome at Friends of Hudson River Park. Become a friend of the Park!

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