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Shadows of Industry

updated 29 Sept 2023 Pawtucket, RI: Shadows of Industry   Thanks to Alix, we're here! The reverse of Alix's card stimulated our interest in the Pawtucket operations of J & P Coats. L ocation, location, location is the mantra of the Real Estate industry. Profit, profit, profit motivates corporate decisions. In the 19th century, cheap water power and inexpensive transportation to market gave New England manufacturing locations advantages. In the mid-20th century, however, locations in the northeastern United States began to lose their hold on industry as labor costs gave other locations, both within and outside the US, decisive advantages for those concerned with profit margins. Welcome to old Pawtucket, RI ! J & P Coats once employed thousands in Pawtucket RI. Today, its successor company, Coats, records its history on the company site.   This all looks very positive, with the emphasis on growth and mergers and innovation. Anything missi

Taylorstown PA

The Anderson & Buchanan Connection: Taylorstown, PA 15365 Where our trail began.. . Taylorstown? Just had to find out more! A Google search gave us some enticing leads...from Thursday, January 27, 1887 and Thursday, September 29, 1887 . (source: Google Search: '''Anderson & Buchanan' Taylorstown") We began to narrow things down... ...and discovered this small town . Links below are to Google Street View images. We headed towards the center of Taylorstown down this gentle curve , turning left at the four  corners around the Presbyterian Church (across from the Taylorstown Christian Church.) As we turned onto Taylorstown's Main Street, we were entering the Taylorstown Historic District (click to enlarge or read original page .) email Washington County History & Landmarks There were vacant lots and ruins , any one of which might have been the site of the Anderson & Buchanan store. It was difficult t