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Photographers Street View updated   31 August 2019 a Google "9 eyes" camera by  Kowloonese  at  en.wikipedia Welcome! The images you see in this collection are derived from Google Street View using Google's "Picasa" photo editing. The site has been developed to feature locations of interest to the author/photographer and you. Google explains their Street View project, including ways you can become involved on their page, " Understand Street View ." This page shows illustrations of the various ways their cameras are mounted on all sorts of contraptions (not just cars). You may be "wowed" by their publishing process here, too. Hats off to Google for starting a revolution in how we see our world and share it with each other! From 2013 comes this close look at a Google Street View car with Laser scanners and multiple cameras. Computer History Museum‎ Google's 9 eyes Street View self-portra