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It's W anamakers! ... or it was. Revised 5 March 2020 We start sometime after the beginning, after John Wanamaker began to issue advertising trade cards to publicize his business. Curiosity propels us to investigate.... "John Wanamaker & Co. For Boys Clothing 822 Chestnut St." Based on articles in  Wikipedia , the 822 Chestnut St. Philadelphia PA address carved into the ice above was probably one of several Wanamaker's locations before the business consolidated at a new location in 1910. Wanamaker's in 1876. This may have once been a railroad depot. By James D. McCabe (Book), engraver unknown [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Meanwhile, near if not on the site where Wanamaker's began, another famous (for awhile) business started up. In 1902, the first "Horn & Hardart" automated cafeteria opened near the 822 Chestnut St. Wanamaker's location advertised by the trade card above. To those accustomed