07 June 2017

Valladolid Spain

updated 8 June 2017

Street View Tourist,Valladolid

Inspired by a flash mob (see https://goo.gl/OkQHAo), I decided to visit the vicinity where the event unfolded. Intrigued by the fact the organizers had chosen a library for the venue, I began exploring. It was not long before I became pleasantly lost.

In the vicinity of the library the architecture is modern by European standards. Much of it is pretty generic and bland. Every once in awhile, however there is an inspiring diversion.

For kids, a special effort to enliven the world.
Archways and entranceways are notable throughout Valladolid. Here are a few examples:

Links below photos are to Google Street View locations.
An arch in full sunshine (Aug 2016)...
Shadows add interest, sometimes color...
While some do just as well in reflected light.
Every once in awhile there is an entrance that has "potential" ...

On the other hand we discover entrances that have fully realized their potential...
...both outside and in!

Towers emerge from the shadows of the narrow streets.
As curator of the Arnold Galleries and The Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection - 1885, I am always on the lookout for traces of the 19th century and was pleased to find a couple in Valladolid.

Mercado del Val 1882
Lamp post
As a Street View tourists, we do not more than glimpse the virtues of Valladolid. It seems to be a prosperous place with a focus on the future, while it reveals just a tidbit of its history every so often.

On the way out of town, we pass road cuts that give us a good idea of the geology of the area while passing a road sign that confirms we are indeed leaving Valladolid.

road cut #1

We will remember how Google Street View
revealed both the old and the new

The sign says we are leaving. Those who installed it could not know that, thanks to
Google Street View, Valladolid's boundaries now encompass the world!

02 June 2017

Pamplona, Navarre

A salute to the possibilities ...

Suddenly, Pamplona!

A musical performance* transported me to Pamplona. Here's a Google Street View tourist's take on this historic destination. I hadn't planned on visiting, but I'm happy I did!

Reserved for you!
Google Street View invites you to visit.
Begin your explorations with the Archivo de Navarra.
The Royal Palace of Pamplona was renovated to house the Archives in 2003.
Pamplona is the home of dramatic shadows.
Street View was here!
Where Google Street View cameras pass by every few years, it is possible to call up previous views to check on the recent history of a landmark. This is done by clicking in the upper left of the Maps screen,which gives one the capability of sliding from one year to another. Here's what we got at the Banesto location:

First, the box:
On Google Maps, (not here) you can click on the image in the box for a full-screen view.
The "Banesto series" follows:

Street View May 2012
Street View Aug 2014
Street View March 2015
Street View July 2016
Banesto was a bank that was renamed, gobbled up, etc.
See Wikipedia for further details and current owner.
We explore
both shadows and reflections....
Ok, we're lost! But who cares? On Street View there are no dangerous neighborhoods!
At the corner of where you're going and where you've been.
Narrow passageways play with sunlight...
...while local residents play with color.
Portal to our next adventure!
Join us!
All images above were derived from Google Street View using Google Picasa.