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9 on 5: Field Trip No. 1, Herkimer NY west

9 on 5 Herkimer NY West updated 1 May 2016 Herkimer skies d isplay cirrus clouds overhead with more cirrus underlain with cumulus in the background.  Try your hand at cloud identification . It's fun! Would you agree these are cirrus duplicatus ? Northeastern birds tell the season . The starlings are gathering in flocks. Must be fall! The Rocky Gates an old Sugar Maple graces the entrance to St. Mary's Cemetery along Route 5 Monument to years of hard work , a silo is all that remains of a once busy Herkimer dairy farm. Frankfort A quiet day on the NYS Barge Canal, Lock #19 . Notice the flood control structure at 2 o'clock, on your right. This is new construction. Tug 44's web page provides close-up photos of these features. Teachers! This is an opportunity for you to use Google Earth 3d to your advantage in the classroom. The basics of canal design can be demonstrated by looking at these satellite views of Lock 19 and i

Good grief. Imperfection!

Be Imperfect! updated 22 April 2016 Abridged Double Arch Google Street View, June 2011 (former wine storage vaults under Brooklyn Bridge --now vacant NYC property) Ye olde ( very olde) imperfect photographer here! After all these decades I've finally noticed that nobody sees my world precisely the way I see it. After all, I have two advantages, poor eyesight and abundant ignorance of my surroundings. Can you beat that?! That is why I have been pleasantly surprised by the popularity of some of my "weaker" photographic efforts and disappointed that what I consider my "triumphs" are ignored. The intended message is not always the message received, it seems. For example, one of the two following photos was hailed as a "masterpiece" but has not been very popular. The other was an experiment that received many likes in spite of my opinion that it could have been better. Can you tell which was which? WARNING : The author is about