Demorest's Paris

A search for the business address for Demorest, page 83 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection, led to a Street View visit to Paris.

Here's where I started:

And here's where Google Street View took me:

5 Rue Scribe was on the right, probably a shop on the first floor of Le Grande Hotel.
(Google Street View, June 2015)
About a block down the Rue, one comes upon this most imposing building:

Place de l'opera
Around the corner to the left above, I spotted 11 Rue Scribe:

Then I found myself on Rue Auber (getting lost at this point):

Getting lost in Paris is not easily done, as the streets are laid out in orderly fashion. However I am not an orderly person. Confused by the uniformly beautiful architecture, I went back to Google Maps to look for the usual landmarks. Here's what I found:

Place Charles de Gaulle
side view of Arc de Triomphe
origins of the Arc

fly zone: just visiting
Eiffel Tower
But of course, with sites so often visited, Street View's ability to show us unique perspectives is limited. The best shots of Paris come from professional photographers such as Martijn Baudoin, whose panorama of the Eiffel Tower at sunset is extraordinary.

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