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15 by two: Google Street View

Single shots

You are here. But only for a moment. Your fleeting glimpse is featured here. Momentary inspiration can be revealing, especially when the images are revisited. Here are some perspectives that I have captured using generations of  Google Street View cameras (as many as 15 at one point) while "just passing by."

24 River St., Windsor VT
Windsor Vt. original Street View

single railroad track passing signals, then station in background
Signal Lights at Windsor
Seventeen eyes! You're seeing this via the 15 eyes of Google plus my two. Imperfections are common in these clips. On most images they can be minimized by adjusting the angle or selecting a different Street View year (if available). Below are two moods of Clark Street Rd. in Cayuga NY:
sun shines through gray cloud deck as road disappears between distant farm buildings
original Street View
dark gray cloud deck illuminated by sun as road winds past barns
Winter Sun

jet contrails streak sky as road disppears in distance between two barns
Between the Lines
Ever see wildlife on Google Street View? "Black Towers" is a rare Street View sighting of a Herring Gull in NYC.

original Street View image of 2 Water St. New York City
2 Water St., NYC
enhanced color and contrast heightens drama of Gull and surroundings
Black Towers
"Imperfect Arches"  Street View visits Portland CT's Arrigoni Bridge. When driverless cars become more prevalent we may capture more shots like this. Meanwhile, Google will cameras will do their best to bring us the beauty we miss at center bridge going, say 60mph or more.
original Google Street View image
Arrigoni Bridge

e hanced color and contrast highlight silver steel beams of bridge superstructure
Imperfect Arches

image enhanced to highlight skyscape
Keep moving...Do not linger...Pass me by! Google Street View at 601 N. Branford St. Allentown PA captures stuff we're not supposed to notice. However, for you special ones with open eyes, this space is now reserved.

small tree in leaf growing along railroad tracks over which bridge passes
601 original
concrete arches with weathered streaks frame tree, railroad tracks, artificial bouquet and discarded belongings
A Memory
Classic! Captured by Google's cameras on a fireboat in the middle of the Hudson River in 2015, this is one of my favorite views of the NY skyline. I modified and framed it using Picasa for this interpretation.
image made from deck of fireboat, NYC skyline
NYC skyline original
blue sky with cumulus clouds accents view of Freedom Tower from the water in New York City

Forgotten is a fate most of us share. Thanks to Google Street View, some of us, our creations and our lives will be preserved--even if we think they are of no consequence.

Fuller & Warren building's brick first floor in Troy NY
Fuller & Warren original
As explained in Appendix I of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection, Fuller & Warren stoves were manufactured in Troy NY. This humble wall is all that remains of the original multi-story factory.
Boston Ivy vine overgrowing brick facade of old building in Troy NY