Melbourne Street Art 1

All photos are copyright Google/Alphabet. Modifications by Jeff Diver via Google Picasa.
Original Street View link: Color splash on Hosier Ln.

Street Art Gallery: Melbourne Australia - Part 1

Thanks to Google for the cameras,
to Google's anonymous photographers for their control of those cameras
to +Jason Boyes for the inspiration
and to +Enrique Alcalde Morales for the word of encouragement
...just when I needed it.

Melbourne easily transmits a spirit of vibrant enthusiasm for life through its art and architecture. Downtown Melbourne has a remarkable number of narrow alleys and corridors. It is mostly along these paths that Google Street View cameras discovered the art featured here.

Street View cameras and the way they are customarily handled impose limitations on the vicarious explorer. Good views are not always available for specific areas of interest. On the other hand, when Street View visits a location more than once, the historical record thus provided is an important contribution of the medium, particularly where ephemeral art is concerned.

Two views of ACDC Lane, one in 2014 and the other in 2016 preserve the art of their times:

ACDC 2014

ACDC 2016
Below are samples of ACDC Lane's displays as seen by Street View:


sound system

break time 
just looking

Meanwhile, over on Blender Lane, someone wearing colorful shorts engages in a popular early 21st century pastime...

texting a friend
Melbourne architects have taken note of their surroundings and are creating colorful new additions to the landscape that just might be inspired by the art in nearby alleys. Below is a sample from Bouviere St.

new reflections

looking up!

Google looks down
Street artists are keenly aware that some do not appreciate their surroundings. Artists know their place--they know it as nobody else can! 

speaking truth on Caledonian Lane
(Google Street View algorithms carefully shield the identity of the lady on the right,
as they blur every human "face.")
Does Australia host any bird that can actually fly? This Caledonian Lane visitor apparently needed a lift!

lazy flier
Croft Alley provides Google with a great deal to admire. Street View hardware  provides us with a unique view of every scene, a few feet above average human height.

rainbow repose

busy characters

Please don't feed the Jaguar--anything!

hooting in style


putting out the trash

a little more red needed over there...


Melbourne Street Art Part 2 (under construction as of this July 2017 writing) continues our alphabetical street tour with images from Drewery Lane.