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9 on 5: Field Trip No. 1, Herkimer NY west

9 on 5 Herkimer NY West
updated 1 May 2016

Teachers! This is an opportunity for you to use Google Earth 3d to your advantage in the classroom. The basics of canal design can be demonstrated by looking at these satellite views of Lock 19 and its vicinity.
In the view above, the camera is looking west. Water flow is from right to left and from the top to bottom. How do you know that? (Your students may ask.) Look for the white of water flowing through the lock gates near the center of the picture and the white water flowing over the flood control dam where Sterling Creek joins the canal.

The following videos give a basic introduction to canal operation and a quick time laps video of going through Lock #17, which we visited earlier on this field trip:

How Canals Work (YouTube: 1 min.)
(YouTube: 5 min., Aaron Pufal) Water flow through lock gates is normal. Some are more watertight than others.
Think piloting a vessel through a lock or canal is easy? Everything takes practice, as the tw…

Good grief. Imperfection!

Be Imperfect!updated 22 April 2016 Ye olde (very olde) imperfect photographer here! After all these decades I've finally noticed that nobody sees my world precisely the way I see it. After all, I have two advantages, poor eyesight and abundant ignorance of my surroundings. Can you beat that?!

That is why I have been pleasantly surprised by the popularity of some of my "weaker" photographic efforts and disappointed that what I consider my "triumphs" are ignored. The intended message is not always the message received, it seems.

For example, one of the two following photos was hailed as a "masterpiece" but has not been very popular. The other was an experiment that received many likes in spite of my opinion that it could have been better. Can you tell which was which?

WARNING: The author is about to indulge in advice-giving, a hazardous practice for all concerned, particularly for those who think the advice is good. Skip the next two paragraphs.