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Hartford CT

updated 27 January 2019 Stretch! Our family trips used to go through Hartford on our way to visit Earl J. Arnold in Waltham MA. In the 1950s, it was a prosperous city with a thriving insurance industry. In 2015, only one insurance company remains headquartered in Hartford, Phoenix. Due to the prosperity of the city, Hartford bulldozed much of its industrial history in the process of making room for new construction. This makes finding 19th century addresses difficult. Even if you don't find what you're seeking, what you do find here will be rewarding. Hartford has become a destination. Several angles present 114 Asylum Street, former home of the Hartford One-Price Clothing Company in good light in these July 2015 Google Street View derivations : a century contrast distinction Asylum, it turns out, is quite the Hartford address! Seeking Asylum Google Street View of the Goodwin Hotel building, June 2011 found while looking for the Domestic Sewin

Dubuque IA

updated 25 October 2015 Wandering around looking for traces of Myers, Tice & Co., cigar makers, for page 56 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection - 1885 , I found the classy Dubuque City Hall. punctuation ( Google Street View, September 2013 ) Around the corner Google Street View unconsciously caught the interplay of shadow and reflection of City Hall spire on a neighboring building. playful invitation layers Google Street View of a special Dubuque landmark Gaming the light is what photographers do. Many play with photoshop. I play with Street View and Picasa. Join the fun! Come out and play!

Burlington VT

The Wells-Richardson building is refurbished and looking pretty spiffy. Looking directly at it in Street View gives one the standard, ordinary view of the facade. Now there's a typical view!  Many would take that home and say that's good enough. It is. But, if you rotated Google Street View just a bit, you would find a remarkable, suitable-for-framing view of the same building from the other side of the street. It also contains what has become a favorite feature of my derivative works, a streetlight. Here's what I found. Click the image for a full-size view. Leaf peepers will appreciate the time of year. This just has to be Vermont! The original appears on page 59 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection . rear view mirror

Boston MA

updated 7 June 2016 Boston. It's been 60 years since I visited there in person. I remember the science museum, the trolleys and trolley busses, but not much else about Boston, so it's nice to be able to return via Google Street View. Those young eyes of mine never saw anything like this! "at liberty" Google Street View  rarely captures wildlife. ...or maybe we just never see it... The Herring Gull celebrates Boston's maritime character. From page 32 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection. The colors were warmed using Google Picasa. Second Summer from Google Street View While revising page 50 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection - 1885 , I took another look in the vicinity of 105 Summer St. in September 2014. ( click photo for full effect ) This Boston neighborhood seems to be a particularly good place for some great reflections. One wonders how many of these light shows were anticipated by architects. I see the sight