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It's Wanamakers!... or it was.Revised 5 March 2020We start sometime after the beginning, after John Wanamaker began to issue advertising trade cards to publicize his business. Curiosity propels us to investigate....
Based on articles in Wikipedia, the 822 Chestnut St. Philadelphia PA address carved into the ice above was probably one of several Wanamaker's locations before the business consolidated at a new location in 1910.
Meanwhile, near if not on the site where Wanamaker's began, another famous (for awhile) business started up.
To those accustomed to mall stores with sprawling aisles on a single floor, the multi-story department store seems old-fashioned and just a little inconvenient. Going all the way up to the 9th floor of a store for the children's department would be thought a major inconvenience today. In fact, most 21st century shoppers make online virtual world purchases without ever seeing or experiencing the ambience of any real world store as a destination.