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West Montgomery Avenue: a Philadelphia Tour

updated 10 August 2017 Lost again! Every street looks the same but none are the same. West Montgomery Avenue is of ancient origin (for the States). Many more homes lined the blocks at one time. Who left? Why is anybody still there? Is the story different here than in any large American city in the 21st century? Google Maps pinpoints the location of West Montgomery Avenue Even with 9 eyes, Google cannot give us anything more than clues, leaving the answers to these questions for us to discover. Ethnic differences, often key to urban affairs and usually an integral part of city politics, though very much in play across this landscape, are not always obvious to Google cameras. Most Americans will know what's what and nonetheless detect ethnic neighborhood identities, though not as well as Philadelphia residents themselves. Did somebody padlock the doorway to change ? The first part of our route (with detours) will be from Route 13 to 4th street: (click map to