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Melbourne Street Art 1

Street Art Gallery: Melbourne Australia - Part 1Thanks to Google for the cameras, to Google's anonymous photographers for their control of those cameras to +Jason Boyes for the inspiration (Boyes Collection: Street Art, Artisans & the Ramdom Muse) and to +Enrique Alcalde Morales for the word of encouragement ...just when I needed it.
Melbourne easily transmits a spirit of vibrant enthusiasm for life through its art and architecture. Downtown Melbourne has a remarkable number of narrow alleys and corridors. It is mostly along these paths that Google Street View cameras discovered the art featured here.
Street View cameras and the way they are customarily handled impose limitations on the vicarious explorer. Good views are not always available for specific areas of interest. On the other hand, when Street View visits a location more than once, the historical record thus provided is an important contribution of the medium, particularly where ephemeral art is concerned.

Two views of AC…

Valladolid Spain

updated 8 June 2017Street View Tourist,ValladolidInspired by a flash mob (see, I decided to visit the vicinity where the event unfolded. Intrigued by the fact the organizers had chosen a library for the venue, I began exploring. It was not long before I became pleasantly lost.

In the vicinity of the library the architecture is modern by European standards. Much of it is pretty generic and bland. Every once in awhile, however there is an inspiring diversion.
Archways and entranceways are notable throughout Valladolid. Here are a few examples:

Pamplona, Navarre

Suddenly, Pamplona!A musical performance* transported me to Pamplona. Here's a Google Street View tourist's take on this historic destination. I hadn't planned on visiting, but I'm happy I did!
Where Google Street View cameras pass by every few years, it is possible to call up previous views to check on the recent history of a landmark. This is done by clicking in the upper left of the Maps screen,which gives one the capability of sliding from one year to another. Here's what we got at the Banesto location:
First, the box: The "Banesto series" follows: