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Colliding with our Shadows:

Phone PhlatteryMore and more we see our screens. We collide with our environment, relying on our technology to interpret our experience for us.
Do we see or hear anything of our immediate surroundings? No. Oblivious, we allow passing cameras to catch our image as we lose ourselves in alternate realities. We appear to be here. But our minds are miles away.
Google Street View catches our obsession and renders a verdict on our distraction. We have become shadows of ourselves. *** Life, Stilled The "still life" of the 21st century is a far cry from that illustrated by 19th century artists.
Since the advent of the cell phone, pedestrian traffic no longer flows predictably, but is a dance of random motions, the demented play of musical chairs.
Do we stop when the music starts, or is it the other way 'round? Makes things complicated when we are all dancing to different music!

Lost or found? Oblivious to the passage of Google Street View cameras in Boston MA, September 2014, a pedestri…

15 by two: Google Street View

Single shotsYou are here. But only for a moment. Your fleeting glimpse is featured here. Momentary inspiration can be revealing, especially when the images are revisited. Here are some perspectives that I have captured using generations of  Google Street View cameras (as many as 15 at one point) while "just passing by."

Seventeen eyes! You're seeing this via the 15 eyes of Google plus my two. Imperfections are common in these clips. On most images they can be minimized by adjusting the angle or selecting a different Street View year (if available). Below are two moods of Clark Street Rd. in Cayuga NY:
Ever see wildlife on Google Street View? "Black Towers" is a rare Street View sighting of a Herring Gull in NYC.

"Imperfect Arches"  Street View visits Portland CT's Arrigoni Bridge. When driverless cars become more prevalent we may capture more shots like this. Meanwhile, Google will cameras will do their best to bring us the beauty we miss at ce…