Rural Street View

field of clouds
Google Street View, Oct. 2008
Need a challenge? Try using your clipping tool to extract stills from stretches of rural American highways on Google Street View. As of 2016, thousands of miles of rural American roads have yet to be included in Street View at all. Those that are have been surveyed by the nine eyes only once, usually back in 2008, when Street View in its infancy had cameras with much worse resolution than those it uses today.

The derivational photos below reveal their stories in spite of these handicaps. You're far from the glitz and show of the cities. Another world materializes.

Ready to go
Google Street View
no school today
Google Street View, Sept. 2015

eyes over Erie
Google Street View, July 2011
Google Street View, Sept. 2014
Gogh, produce!
Google Street View, October 2008

Google Street View, July 2013
the penalty
Google Street View, Sept.2013
"Still, life"
Google Street View
Click the links above for location information. Visit the sites to see what's been adjusted to direct the viewer's attention. To respect the privacy of individual property owners, I have chosen not to publish the locations of two of the above photos.

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